Point Pleasant Foundation for Excellence in Education
A 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization
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Our Mission

The Point Pleasant Foundation for Excellence in Education was established in 1997 as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, independent from the Board of Education, to strengthen community participation in programs that would enrich the values and traditions of the Point Pleasant Schools. The Foundation encourages Excellence through enhanced community partnerships, student development, and creative teaching. In this role, it promotes the quality of life in the community by providing opportunities and resources to recognized scholastic achievers and educational professionals. The Foundation will:

  • Encourage business and civic involvement with the school system.
  • Promote cooperation between the Point Pleasant Schools and the private sector.
  • Recognize outstanding achievement by our Students.
  • Recognize outstanding achievement by our Educational Professionals.
  • Encourage creative and innovative education programs.

Targeted Areas

The Foundation is focused on these primary targets:

  • Enhance opportunities for students to achieve total life enrichment and enjoyment through a balance of academics, athletics, and the arts.
  • Provide opportunities beyond the traditional learning experience, not funded through currently established programs.
  • Encourage projects and programs promoting the use of most recent technologies in teaching and learning.
Be Part of the Point Pleasant Tradition

Point Pleasant has been recognized for scholastic excellence and enthusiastic school spirit. Over the years, there have been many people who have contributed to this heritage. This positive community image continues to attract solid citizens to our neighborhoods and maintains our quality of life.

The Foundation needs your help! It needs ideas, energy, and resources to provide opportunities beyond the traditional learning experiences, not funded through currently established programs. The students of Point Pleasant Schools are our children and our future. Help make the difference between a good education and an exceptional education. Download the Foundation
Donation Form to make a donation.

Accomplishments to Date

Through your generosity over the past 20 years, the Point Pleasant Foundation for Excellence in Education has raised more than $385,000 in support of the Point Pleasant School District. Our most recent project was to provide over $37,000 towards a complete modernization of the High School Media Center, bringing it up to 21st Century standards and a model for surrounding high schools. We also provide funding for Student Leadership awards; teacher grants; innovative programs, such as the High School’s Be on Point program, a great initiative to improve the school climate by identifying, recognizing and rewarding students for positive behaviors, and becoming more inclusive of all students; and new technologies & equipment that are not supported by the District’s budget.

In addition, each summer since 2008, we have provided funding to purchase i-Pads and e-Readers as prizes for the District’s Summer Reading Program, which involves students at all the schools and grade levels. We continue to look for other high priority opportunities in the District for which the Foundation can provide financial support. The Foundation members are parents, alumni, and corporate and community leaders, most of whom are not affiliated with the School District, but share a concern for the children of the District and a vision for educational excellence. 

The Foundation raises a great majority of our funds through three annual Community-based events:
  • Hall of Fame Dinner 
  • Treasure Island Sprint Triathlon
  • Boro Bikes and Backyard B.B.Q.
The Community’s generosity has been the principle source of our funding since the Foundation’s inception in 1997, and we ask for your continued support. More information on these events and other Foundation activities can be found on this website. 
Please visit the Contact section for an online form you can use to submit, questions, inquiries and general feedback.

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